Team DroniX

Franck Michel & David Faure

Directors :
 Franck Michel & David Faure

Authors : David Faure, Carine Neant, Isabelle Dinh Van Chi, Sandrine Nguyen

Production : Technicolor Animation Productions, Gloob

Animation Service Studio  : Technicolor Animation Productions, Mikros Animation Paris


Ongoing project

‘Team DroniX’ follows the adventures of three drone enthusiasts, pilot Buck Roquette, designer Tim Chessmat and engineer Vicky Risk, who meet in the prestigious Hawkings Academy, the mecca of everything high-tech. Together, they build a one-of-a-kind drone, DroniX, competing against fellow student teams and garnering envy from a few evil-intentioned individuals.

Children around the globe will enter the gripping world of drones with this fun-filled adventure show, packed with races and spy and rescue missions galore.

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