The studio

Mikros Animation is the official animation studio for the Mikros Image Group, a postproduction company of French origins, specializing in the creation of digital visual effects.

Throughout the past couple of years Mikros Animation has developed several 3D feature length films in both its Paris and Montreal locations.

After the immediate success of Logorama (2009), its first ever short animated film, which brought home an Oscar (2010) and a César (2011), Mikros Image decides to launch itself in the feature length film Astérix, The Mansions of the Gods (2014) (directed by Louis Clichy and Alexandre Astier, produced by M6 Studio). Renowned worldwide, the film was distributed in 34 countries and loved by over 6 million spectators around the world. Not to mention the movie was quickly ranked as the best ever performing French animated film up to date at the box office.

While the Gauls invaded France, Montreal’s studio releases two animated features in 2015  : Mune, The Guardian of the Moon by Alexandre Heboyan and Benoit Philippon, and The Little Princeby Mark Osborne. With tens of million worldwide in box office and awarded France’s Cesar Award 2016 for Best animated film, it became “the most successful of all time for a French animated film internationally” (by Unifrance).


The Little Prince is said to be the most successful french animated film. 

During the same year, Mikros image is also acquired by lead industry innovator Technicolor, allowing for broader resources and superior cutting-edge technologies.

Determined to make Mikros Animation a cornerstone in the market, it continues to grow and produce. It is currently working on several projects, including :

  • Asterix 2 : a sequel directed by Louis Clichy and Alexandre Astier, manufactured in the Paris studio.
  • Sahara : directed by Pierre Coré and produced by the Animation Station, manufactured in the Montreal studio.
  • Other confidential projects that are not yet disclosed, manufactured in both studios.